About Us


We want to Gather All Muslim Artists. Our ultimate goal is to provide an avenue for creative expression, and to weave it into the mainstream expression of our personal Islamic experiences. We want to build our community as a foundation for Muslims to express themselves with an inspiring atmosphere and the potential for growth. Home is where you feel most comfortable being you. Welcome to GAMA. Welcome home. Our VISION is to weave the arts back into the mainstream Muslim narrative, to provide a platform that nurtures Muslim artists and to cultivate the understanding and appreciation of Islamic art within the broader Muslim community. To build a network of interactive Muslim artists and photographers who can find a HOME.


Help through networking with other Muslim artists through workshops and mentorship. We aim to equip Muslim artists with the necessary tools to continue following their passions.


Opportunity for more exposure through ongoing exhibitions and galleries, as well as the opportunity to sell through GAMA.


GAMA artists will find a marketplace for their pieces through our exhibitions and galleries.


GAMA is establishing a like minded playground for genuality and freedom of expression.

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