About Us


Our vision is to build a platform that nurtures Muslim artists in order to weave the arts back into the mainstream Muslim narrative and to develop a culture of creativity and patronage within the broader Muslim community.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for Muslim artists, to advocate for the arts in the broader Muslim community, and to change the narrative about Islam in the United States and beyond using visual art and creativity.

GAMA was created as an open space for Muslim creatives to practice creative expression in an empowered environment. The Muslim community in the West that we are a part of does not especially emphasize creative pursuits as valid careers. As a result, we felt that a lot of creative talents among Muslim artists in our community were being wasted, and organized the first art exhibition in our mosque to showcase the local artistic talent.

After the event, the result was immediate. More artists learned about us, joined the collective, and submitted artwork. Soon after our first event, we partnered with a local Halal Cafe to host a permanent rotating gallery in their restaurant to showcase local talent. We have now completed 12 events in 12 months since we started, including events in the LA, SF, and NY areas. We also secured a second restaurant partnership and raised $10K during this year's Ramadan crowdfunding campaign.

We recently organized our biggest event yet titled "Building the Muslim Narrative", which has hopefully sparked the question: What is the Muslim Narrative, and how can Muslims play an active role in building it?

Art has the potential to unify. It has the potential to transcend barriers and overcome differences. With our future projects, we hope to use art to unify the Muslim community, while supporting and empowering Muslim artists, and building the Muslim narrative.

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